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Standard Hourly Rate £45

Restring – including fingerboard clean & oil using natural Almond oil (no artificial additives). Strings fully stretched for stable tuning.

Standard Electric/Acoustic

Locking Tremolo/Nut

12 string

+ D’addario strings 9’s 10’s Please note: Nut slots may need to be adjusted if changing to a heavier string gauge.

New Tuners – Machinehead Intallation

New Switchcraft Input Jack

New Switchcraft Barrel Jack

Electro socket Telecaster Jack Upgrade   Fed up with your Telecaster jack coming loose, then you need this.

New USA CRL 5 Way or 3 Way Switch

New USA CTS Pots Paper in Oil Tone Capacitors – They do make a difference!

Pickup Installation  I can supply Suhr, Monty’s, Bareknuckle & Dimarzio Pickups or you can supply your own.

Complete Rewire Stratocaster/Les Paul ES335 or similar

Pickup Potting – Squealing microphonic pickups?  Have your pickups submerged in molten paraffin wax & simmered gently until wax seeps into all of the pickup windings expelling the air that allowed the windings to vibrate in sympathy with your high volume monster riffs.

Copper Shielding – Single coils pickups in Strat type guitars are notoriously noisy. Have your Strat type guitar cavities fully shielded with copper foil, all join seams are fully soldered & the back of the pickguard covered in copper foil forming a Faraday cage that protects your pickups from pesky RF interferance.

Neck bolt hole repair – remove neck drill out bolt holes to 5.5mm  & glue in 5.5mm hardwood dowels. Re drill bolts holes & refit neck.

Light Snacks

Set up – Truss rod adjusted for optimum neck relief, Nut slots cut for minimum string clearance height over first fret, Action adjusted at bridge saddles for required action i.e. Low action – Approx 1.1mm high E 1.5mm low E. Medium Action 1.5mm high E 1.75mm Low E. (Achievable action height is dependent on condition of frets etc). Intonation adjustment with Peterson Strobe Tuner. Clean Electrics, pots , switches etc with Servisol Super 10 Cleaning Lubricant. Fingerboard clean & oil using natural Almond oil ( no synthetic chemicals ). Strings fully stretched for stable tuning.  Standard Electric/Acoustic

Locking tremolo/Nut

12 string guitars

D’Addario Strings 9’s 10’s

Fret Polish – Fingerboard & frets sanded carefully with 1500 grit wet & dry, fret ends chamfered & sharp edges removed then ended with 1500 grit wet & dry. Then all polished to a mirror finish. Rosewood/Ebony Maple (Fingerboard masked to protect Lacquer)

New Bone Nut – Hand made from unbleached bone blank. Unbleached bone is harder than bleached bone and has a mottled cream vintage look. Its hardness and density contributes to good tone, it polishes well, and it allows more precise slot filing.

Standard Electric/Acoustic/Bass 12 String New Bone Acoustic Saddle – Hand made from unbleached bone blank

Standard Bridge

Split Saddle Bridge

Acoustic Under saddle Piezo Pickup Installation  Install pickup of your choice. Flatten bottom of saddle slot. Adjust saddle to compensate for thickness of under saddle pickup whilst maintaining flatness for optimum string balance. Intsall end pin jack.

Gotoh TSC Vintage Strat Tremelo Upgrade – Top of the range Gotoh Vintage Strat style tremolo with steel block & USA imperial threads

Neck Angle Adjustment Bolt on Neck – Do not put a shim at the end of the neck or use Fenders neck tilt adjustment as it “WILL” cause the end of the neck to kick up. I will make a custom tapered shim that supports the neck over the length of the neck socket giving more sustain & not ruin your neck

Acoustic Bridge Removal & Reglue


Fret Dress – Frets levelled using custom made fret levelling beams machined to within 0.025mm tolerance. Frets re crowned with diamond fret files, then polished to 1500 grit wet & dry, then given a final level with fret levelling beam machined to less than 0.025mm tolerance with 1500 grit until all fret tops are dead level then polished to a mirror finish. Fret ends are also have all sharp edges remove & are polished to a mirror finish Full set up included

Re Fret – Frets heated & removed with minimum wood loss to fingerboard. Fingerboard lightly re shot to remove imperfections. Fret slots cleaned & new fret wire of your choice installed to the highest standard. Frets are then dressed & guitar fully set up.

Non bound Rosewood/Ebony/Maple

Bound Rosewood/Ebony/Maple


Maple needing Re lacquering

Single Frets

New Unbleach super hard bone nut £50 (A new nut is likely to be required if the original nut has been cut to compensate for original worn frets)

Gibson Neck Headstock Break Repair – Most Headstock breaks can be repaired & can even be virtually invisible if refinished. Neck break will be glued with West System Epoxy Resin that is approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Glue + Local Touch in Glue + refinish Gibson style neck to heel/body joint Neck Reset

Chef’s Speciality’s

Nitro Cellulose Refinish Fender Body –  Disassemble guitar noting action & set up. Hand strip body keeping all original contours & ensuring wood is not stained by previous paint coating. Refinish to original 50’s 60’s Fender spec with White or Desert Sand primer under solid colours or Yellow Fullerplast equivalent  under Sunbursts. 3 tone Sunburst to original spec with pinholes on original guitars, red part of burst is under the black as on originals. Solid & metallic colours matched to  genuine original 50’s & 60’s DuPont Duco & Lucite Paint chips that I imported from the USA. Age body appropriately for period correct look weather checking, relic’ing as discussed with customer. Re assemble to state originally supplied in.

Fender Style Neck Refinish



Complete Gibson Bound Guitar Refinish – Disassemble guitar noting action & set up. Hand strip body keeping all original contours & ensuring wood is not stained by previous paint coating. Grain fill with period correct grain filler if required. Refinish Nitro Cellulose to original Gibson Spec. Hand scrape binding. Clear Lacquer. Age appropriately, weather checking, relic’ing as discussed with customer. Re assemble to state originally supplied in.

Gibson Top Refinish

Clay Dot Installation – Fender custom shop vintage reissues & similar come with totally naff plastic dots. Get an authentic look with my secret very authentic looking Clay Dot recipe. Side dots included. Vintage Guitar Restoration I can replace truss rods, fingerboards, re strut, re top, re neck & do just about any repair to a guitar whilst trying to keep it as original as possible & retaining it’s value & looks.

Emperors Banquet

Custom Guitar Builds I can build you your dream guitar. The guitars that I build are very limited mainly due to the availability of the correct timber. I will not go to the trouble of building a LP style guitar unless I can supply a one piece Honduran Mahogany body that weighs around 30lb a cubic foot. Mahogany can double in density & goes up to 60lb a cubic foot. Likewise I will only use lightweight Alder for Strat style builds of around 28lb cubic foot that will yield a less than 4lb body. I also have limited stock of  40/50 year old Rio & Brazilian Rosewood. I have Laser scanned many vintage guitars so have the correct contours &  volumes of the bodies necks etc. I have also had  vintage Fender necks X rayed for the truss rod channel contours etc so I can build the necks right. I have my own very authentic recipe for Clay dots and some unique ageing processes that have taken many years to perfect. I have handled & repaired many fine vintage guitars in my career & have noted many small details that are no longer available on modern production that I believe contribute a lot to having a great sounding guitar.

S Style Guitar

LP Style Guitar


Fully insured courier collection & return service available (requires guitars being in suitably sturdy hard case) From £40